Friday, August 7, 2009

Yours Truly

Beachwood, OH (outside of Cleveland)

First off, Yours Truly is not known for their hot dogs, they are known for notso fries which I will explain later. This was a destination raved about for years from Side Dish Jody, so I was pleased that when we went to dine that there was a dog on the menu. Upon ordering my hot dog with the works, I was surprised that it came with a fork and knife. Yes it truly was that sloppy, and the only way you were going to keep clean from this dog was by using the fork and knife provided. An abundance of chili, cheese and other fixins’ streamed over the sides of the bun and pooled onto the plate. Adding to the local flavor was Bertman Ballpark Mustard. Apparently this has been the mustard that Cleveland has used at it’s sporting venue’s for baseball and football dating back to the 1940’s. Local is great and makes an average dog seem more hometown-ish. C+

Atmosphere- When I stepped into this quaint Victorian looking parlor with a capacity seating of about 25 people. I was shocked that though it looked like everyone was on top of each other like a New York City subway, you had as much room as you wanted for space like a Florida Marlins home game. Your choices for dining included cozying up to the counter top ala vintage soda fountain days, or sitting in a small booth opposite the grill. No real frills or theme inside, but not much room for it either. C-

Value- At first upon gazing at the $6.95 price tag, I was aghast, even for a ¼ pound all beef dog. But upon its delivery to me, the 350 pound gentleman sitting next to me asked what 'it' was. When I told him it was a hotdog his eyes bugged and proclaimed, "Holy Cow that’s a hot dog?!"... my sentiments exactly. A fair price for the umpteen thousand calories I was about to cram in. B-

Side Dish Jody says...Although this was not the same Yours Truly as the town that I grew up in, it had the same menu which includes all day breakfast and a variety of burgers and sandwiches. But the real reason you should come to Yours Truly is for the notso fires. A large plate heaping with coin shaped cottage fries smothered in a variety of cheeses, handfuls of bacon and a generous dollop of sour cream. This appetizer was just as good as I remembered from growing up in my youth. A

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