Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Dog Track

Hastings, MI

Eaters, start your engines. Get ready for The Dog Track. A hot dog restaurant that takes the owner's passion for NASCAR and combines it with the love for feeding people hot dogs. Each of the dogs is named after a famed Speedway in North America. On the day we visited, I had a Richmond dog and a Charlotte dog. The Richmond had the typical "fab four" toppings on a hot dog- ketchup, mustard, relish and onions. The relish was West Michigan style for those who read us often (more of a shredded pickle topping that seems to be unique to the area). The Charlotte had the fab four toppings plus shredded cheese on top of that. Nothing too out of the box, but I wish I would have tried one of the more unique combinations available. Such as the Watkins-Glen that features pastrami or the Las Vegas that contains roast beef...but then again neither of those are actually hot dogs. Sitting next to the check out counter was dozens of kinds of hot sauces. When inquiring as to what the purpose of those were the owner said they would pick them up from their own travels around the country. So come in for a dog and top it off with some spice from Oregon to Florida, or New York to New Mexico. A very cool condiment topper that could bring a taste of someplace you have been as well. B-

If it has to do with race cars, this place has it. Die cast models, ticket stubs from races, autographs, posters, and half of an external shell of a car on the wall (no joke). Pay no attention to the Halloween decorations, they are seasonal...I am assuming. Put on top of this that they sponsor cruise-ins often in the summer for those hot rods to park in front of the joint and let people ponder yesteryear over a hot dog. On one corner of the wall is a TV that more often than not has racing on TV. Whether it is a previously run race, or the latest in car news, this is the place to watch the race and eat a dog. If you are a NASCAR fan, this is your hot dog heaven. B

Each dog, no matter the toppings are $2.00 each. If you want a bratwurst or one of the dogarito's (hot dog in a burrito) then they are a fraction more. $2 bucks no matter what goes on top of it, that is a bargain. But hold on-if you come to eat during a cruise-in, the dogs are only a buck....ONE DOLLAR my friends. Come out, see the cars, eat a dog, and for goodness sake bring a couple George Washington's because you will NOT find hot dogs at a restaurant for a dollar within hundreds of miles of this place. A

Side Dish Jody says...
I had the chicken tender wrap which was a single tortilla with one or two fried chicken strips, a small amount of lettuce, and a small amount of diced tomatoes with ranch dressing. It tasted as expected but at $5.25 it seemed a little pricey for what was received. There was, however, a wide variety of non hot dog items on the menu including salads, sandwiches and fried goodies. B-

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hot Dog of the Week: Chicago's Dog House

Note to our readers- This post is about dogs IN Chicago, not Chicago dogs. Big difference.

But different is what Chicago's Dog House is all about.

True hot dog lovers appreciate an all beef hot dog. There are also hot dogs that have been made out of chicken, turkey, and God knows what else.

But it's that "what else" which separates Chicago's Dog House from other places. Newly opened in 2009, this place will make you a dog out of duck, alligator, and even kangaroo to name a few of the more interesting dogs.

Click on their website, read about their entrepreneurship and what a frip is.

But most importantly, when in Chicago, go buy a hot dog. If going out to them does not interest you, let them deliver your hot dogs to where you are.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Readers take note.

We are opening up our scrolling Stadium Dogs picture section to everyone.

Take a picture of you eating a Hot Dog at any pro or college sporting event, and e-mail us the picture. We will then add it to our feed of pictures.

With football starting, and basketball and hockey around the corner, it is a good time to start this project.

Got one from yester-year? Send it in!

Let's see how many different places we can get!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hot Dog of the Week: Hillbilly Hot Dogs

The other night, Side Dish Jody and I were watching one of our favorite TV shows- Diner's, Drive-in's, and Dives, and we saw this joint featured in a snippet.

Hot dogs have never been the classiest food, but this place cornered the market on a unique niche for hot dogs.

We are proud to introduce you to West Virginia's Hillbilly Hot Dogs.
photo courtesy of hillbillyhotdogs.com

Building their "establishment" (and we proudly use that term loosely) they built this hot dog destination on the side of a hill. Now people flock from all over the country to try their 15" homewrecker hot dog.

Visit this site and see why The Travel Chanel, and Food Network rave about this place.

Better yet, jump on the road and check them out.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hot Dog of the Week: King David Dogs

We eat hot dogs. We love hot dogs. We blog about hot dogs.

Some folks have made it a mission to search out the best hot dog restaurant. Some more ambitious people have followed their hot dog passion and opened their own hot dog restaurant. But actually making your own hot dogs is a step above ambition, it can be flat out hard.

May I introduce you to Indianapolis, Indiana's own King David Dogs.

Located in the smack dab center of the city, King David's has been voted the best hot dog of Indianapolis for 2010.

Some family members wanted to recreate an old family hot dog recipe, and viola this landmark was established.

Read about the history, and drool over the delicious menu of this Indy Original. But do not just stop there. Take a trip to the city, and down a State Fair dog, Reuben dog, or a Pretzel dog for yourself.