Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jammers Chicago Style Classics

Peoria, IL

Cue the dueling banjos…while traveling to Jammers, I swear that I passed the guys from Deliverance canoeing down the river. I had heard good things about Jammers through the grapevine and decided to check it out. Boy I am glad I did. This restaurant is several hours south of Chicago, but the flavor of a Chicago dog, ne’ two Chicago dogs were evident. A Chicago dog has many extra toppings that normal dogs do not have and I forgot about the celery salt that is added. Something about celery salt, radioactive looking green colored relish, peppers and a poppy seed bun made this a good trip and not a bad Chicago dog if I do say so myself. B+

Atmosphere-Upon reaching the front door I was all smiles, and when I entered the smile grew larger. A friendly man and wife combo-team greeted me while their two children watched TV. I was gladly welcomed into this 24 seat capacity country-esque restaurant. The walls are adorned with cheap Chicago sports team’s paraphernalia, which came across tacky but a good spread of memory lane for Chicago-land. The proprietors knew each of the guests who were dining and seemed to pick stories up right where they left off before. I am a small town guy myself, so I appreciate the quaintness and friendliness of local business and repeat customers. B-

Value- A surprisingly large menu for what the establishment’s size, my two Chicago dog platter with fries came to $6.95. I also washed them down with some brewed iced tea. How did they know that was my favorite drink to wash down dogs with? I gladly pushed the cash across the counter for these dogs and would again if I visit Peoria. B+

Side Dish Jody- Side dish Jody did not put Jammers to the road test. But had she visited, she would have enjoyed the vast array of menu choices.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hot Dog of the Week: The Bulldog

There is a difference between a hot dog place, and a place that serves hot dogs.

The Bulldog in Minneapolis, MN would be a place that serves hot dogs. Upon looking at the other food and menu though, would make you think otherwise.

Esquire magazine thought enough of them to review the restaurant, so why shouldn't we?

Since we started this blog, this is the first place I have come across on-line that serves a beer brat. Now that has to count for something.

You will also notice on the menu that they serve about 25 different kinds of cupcakes. Yes cupcakes. You know, the smaller version of a real piece of cake that serves as an optical illusion based on the size. So we end up eating twice as many of them instead of just one or two pieces of cake.

Browse the menu and prepare to let your mouth water.

Friday, February 4, 2011

America's Best Hot Dog Bracket

Side Dish Jody and I used to enjoy watching Rachel Ray shows years ago.

However, she has become way to commercialized for our taste.

Rachel has however tugged at my heart strings with a 64 team bracket (a-la the NCAA basketball tournament-esque) to figure out America's Best Hot Dog Bracket.

Find your region and vote for your favorite. Let our readers know who you voted for as well.

May the best dog joint win!

Hot Dog of the Week: Wild About Harry's

When Side Dish Jody and I look for places to review, we will almost always look at the menu beforehand. After all, she is important in reviewing the non hot dog options.

It is the non hot dog option that makes this place unique. At Wild About Harry's you can get frozen custard. Not ice cream, not shaved ice, not yogurt...frozen custard.

The hot dog options include the chihuahua dog that is topped with guacamole. This is definitely the first time I have seen guacamole as a hot dog topping.

So if you are in the Big D for the Super Bowl, or just looking for the next place to enjoy a hot dog, check out Harry's.