Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hot Dog of the Week: Beav's Long Boom Dogs

We are not the only hot dog blog out in cyber-world.

There are many friendly competitors that share the same love for hot dogs as we do here at dogsontheroad.

One of our competitors, The Hot Dog I Ate recently had it's 200th post and it was on Beav's Long Boom Dogs of East Stroudsburg, PA.

So if Beav's is worthy for a post on their site, we will feature it as our Hot Dog of the Week on our site this week too.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hot Dog of the Week: Hot Dog Heaven

The movie Field of Dreams ranks as one of our all time favorites here at Dogsontheroad.

There is a conversation that occurs between Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) and his father John, where John asks Ray, "Is this Heaven?" Ray replies, "No, it's South Florida..."

Actually Ray replies "No it's Iowa," but Hot Dog Heaven is located in Fort Lauderdale, not in corn-filled Iowa. Please no hate e-mails from our fans in the Hawkeye state!

Hot Dog Heaven has kept things simple since its opening, by serving what they call "America's first fast food"...the hot dog. Or more specifically here, a Chicago Dog.

Using Vienna beef dogs, Hot Dog Heaven serves only a hot dog with Chicago style toppings. That means every bun served has the poppy seeds on it, and please do NOT ask for ketchup. This is a Chicago style place.

But Hot Dog Heaven only accepts cash, so leave your plastic in the car when you come to visit.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hot Dog of the Week: Blackie's Hot Dogs

Here at dogs on the road, we have several friendly competitors that all share in our joy of hot dogs.

This review is courtesy of Yank's Frank's which is out of the New England area. Yank's Frank's also has their own hot dog restaurant.

Click HERE to read about Blackie's hot dogs which is THE place to eat a hot dog in Connecticut.