Thursday, October 28, 2010

West Side Market

Cleveland, OH

I learned two very important things on this road trip to Cleveland. 1) Always make sure you have the address of where you intend. 2) Make sure I communicate better to Side Dish Jody on where we are planning to go.

Getting “lost” is not always a bad thing though, as we were looking for a specific hot dog restaurant and instead came to this market. Strolling through West Side Market there were dozens of vendors that turned back the clock to what butcher shops were like only a few decades ago. For sale at the booths were homemade sausage, brats, and hot dogs made with the traditional beef or pork. What was non-traditional were the same products made out of lamb, turkey, reindeer, goat, and ox. Each booth had its own flare or overall theme to it. There was a Middle-Eastern booth, Indian cuisine (probably not beef at this booth) European meats, and local favorites as well.

Each counter had patrons plied up 2 or 3 deep with droves of traffic shuffling through the crowd on their way to the next booth.

Atmosphere- I wish I could have found a plaque, or monument that dictated how old this building was or what it might have been at one point. It was made out of brick and subway tile, and looked like it could have been a train depot, or a bus station at one point. Side Dish Jody pointed out that it could have just been a really old market and it was built for what it currently holds. Though we went looking for a hot dog to eat and review on the day, we walked away with the knowledge of a hot spot to get your own dogs or encased products at instead.

Value- Everything seemed very reasonable, and comparable to what you would find at your local grocer. If you come in search of this place, bring a large cooler and fill it with the fresh product that you will find inside.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our New Layout

When this blog was started in the late summer of 2009 it was a very generic looking format.

We have decided to spice it up a bit and change things around.

This blog is by us, but for our readers, so please tell us what you think of the new format.

Another Stolen Hot Dog Cart

One of the things I enjoy in life (besides hot dogs) is going to flea markets and garage sales looking for that special piece of junk that I cannot live without.

I have seen just about everything sold at flea markets. I have seen a turn of the 1900's prosthetic leg, I have seen a booth full of used and new ink pens. I have seen every beer sign, road sign, political sign that has ever graced a garage, or street corner.

One thing I have not seen though is a hot dog vendor cart for sale.

Perhaps I should look for one so I can return it to this New Jersey man who had his stolen.

Click HERE to read the article of the vanishing hot dog cart courtesy of

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hot Dog of the Week: Chili Man Weiners

Few demographic groups devour more hot dogs than college students. Whether it is because they can buy so many for pennies on the dollar, or because they can be easily made.

Well Chili Man Weiners near the campus of Towson University in Baltimore, MD encourages you to come in for a Hangover Dog, or grab a famous orange box full of Double Dog Burritos to go after calling in your order.

Monday's feature free chili on any of their dogs. Seasonal menu items are no stranger to restaurants and Chili Man offers apple pie milkshakes. Seriously, how good does that sound?

Hot dogs not your thing? Well then why are you here on our blog!!! Grab some chicken and waffles or a bowl of homemade chili instead.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Angry Hot Dog Vendor Revolts

We have all bought hot dogs from the person peddling them on the corner.

Whether it was a nice summer day, and the waft fumes caught your nostrils or it was simply something to eat after the concert let out at midnight.

Hopefully your experience was better than what the customer at this street vendor received.

Click here to read the story courtesy of Capitol Hill Seatle.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hot Dog of the Week: Mad Dogs

Chicago dogs are a commodity in and of itself. The taste and urge for Chicago dogs are something that I get on occasion, and a true Chicago dog is often better than a hot dog with other toppings.

Well Mad Dogs is in the college town of UW Madison has been noted as the top Chicago Dog by a very notable Chicago Dog website...and they are not even within 150 miles of Chicago.

Each dog opption comes with a Hebrew National dog, unless a Vienna dog is requested in it's place.

Enjoy the vast menu and participate in the clown army. Oh and by the way, they have bigger wieners...or so they say.