Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jammers Chicago Style Classics

Peoria, IL

Cue the dueling banjos…while traveling to Jammers, I swear that I passed the guys from Deliverance canoeing down the river. I had heard good things about Jammers through the grapevine and decided to check it out. Boy I am glad I did. This restaurant is several hours south of Chicago, but the flavor of a Chicago dog, ne’ two Chicago dogs were evident. A Chicago dog has many extra toppings that normal dogs do not have and I forgot about the celery salt that is added. Something about celery salt, radioactive looking green colored relish, peppers and a poppy seed bun made this a good trip and not a bad Chicago dog if I do say so myself. B+

Atmosphere-Upon reaching the front door I was all smiles, and when I entered the smile grew larger. A friendly man and wife combo-team greeted me while their two children watched TV. I was gladly welcomed into this 24 seat capacity country-esque restaurant. The walls are adorned with cheap Chicago sports team’s paraphernalia, which came across tacky but a good spread of memory lane for Chicago-land. The proprietors knew each of the guests who were dining and seemed to pick stories up right where they left off before. I am a small town guy myself, so I appreciate the quaintness and friendliness of local business and repeat customers. B-

Value- A surprisingly large menu for what the establishment’s size, my two Chicago dog platter with fries came to $6.95. I also washed them down with some brewed iced tea. How did they know that was my favorite drink to wash down dogs with? I gladly pushed the cash across the counter for these dogs and would again if I visit Peoria. B+

Side Dish Jody- Side dish Jody did not put Jammers to the road test. But had she visited, she would have enjoyed the vast array of menu choices.

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