Friday, February 11, 2011

Hot Dog of the Week: The Bulldog

There is a difference between a hot dog place, and a place that serves hot dogs.

The Bulldog in Minneapolis, MN would be a place that serves hot dogs. Upon looking at the other food and menu though, would make you think otherwise.

Esquire magazine thought enough of them to review the restaurant, so why shouldn't we?

Since we started this blog, this is the first place I have come across on-line that serves a beer brat. Now that has to count for something.

You will also notice on the menu that they serve about 25 different kinds of cupcakes. Yes cupcakes. You know, the smaller version of a real piece of cake that serves as an optical illusion based on the size. So we end up eating twice as many of them instead of just one or two pieces of cake.

Browse the menu and prepare to let your mouth water.

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