Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hot Dog of the Week: Chicago's Dog House

Note to our readers- This post is about dogs IN Chicago, not Chicago dogs. Big difference.

But different is what Chicago's Dog House is all about.

True hot dog lovers appreciate an all beef hot dog. There are also hot dogs that have been made out of chicken, turkey, and God knows what else.

But it's that "what else" which separates Chicago's Dog House from other places. Newly opened in 2009, this place will make you a dog out of duck, alligator, and even kangaroo to name a few of the more interesting dogs.

Click on their website, read about their entrepreneurship and what a frip is.

But most importantly, when in Chicago, go buy a hot dog. If going out to them does not interest you, let them deliver your hot dogs to where you are.

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hotdogman said...


Like the site. I run a similar maybe we could work together somehow?

Let me know.

Keep on doggin!