Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hot Dog of the Week: King David Dogs

We eat hot dogs. We love hot dogs. We blog about hot dogs.

Some folks have made it a mission to search out the best hot dog restaurant. Some more ambitious people have followed their hot dog passion and opened their own hot dog restaurant. But actually making your own hot dogs is a step above ambition, it can be flat out hard.

May I introduce you to Indianapolis, Indiana's own King David Dogs.

Located in the smack dab center of the city, King David's has been voted the best hot dog of Indianapolis for 2010.

Some family members wanted to recreate an old family hot dog recipe, and viola this landmark was established.

Read about the history, and drool over the delicious menu of this Indy Original. But do not just stop there. Take a trip to the city, and down a State Fair dog, Reuben dog, or a Pretzel dog for yourself.

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