Friday, August 7, 2009

Pat's King of Steaks

Philadelphia, PA

I went to Pat’s in search of a true Philly’s cheese steak. Actually, we went to Passyunk Corner and looked at both the menus of Pat’s & Geno’s to decide where we would dine. Pat’s won my business because they offered hot dogs as well. Going someplace in search of a hot dog is much different than going to a hot dog place. To my knowledge, not known for their dogs, it was a pleasant surprise. I put a little too much relish on the dog which took away from the grilled flavor but all the taste was packed inside. When at the Passyunk Corner, go to Pat’s and grab a dog. B

Atmosphere- How can you not like a TRUE American-Iconic landmark. The only one in the World, Pat’s has strict rules of how to order and what to say. Don’t worry there is a sign for all first timers. Just remember it’s “WIT”…you will get the idea when you order. Seating is plenty and has outdoor tables only. And one final thing…beware of the hungry pigeons. B-

Value- This one truly made my eyes bug-out. Street vendors, county fairs and concession stands BEWARE of the low prices on this dog. At $1.60 for an all beef dog, it is hard to top this price. A

Side Dish Jody Says…with much anticipation about what my parents have told me about cheese steak, I was somewhat disappointed by the blandness of this steak. It was a great chewy roll with thick slices of provolone cheese, but I can still feel all the grease in my gut. C-

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