Friday, August 7, 2009


East Grand Rapids, MI

I have never been to Mecca, but I imagine it is someplace like this shrine in East town. A place where have’s and have-not’s flock to order an iconic yesterdog. This place is so popular that it even made the silver screen as ‘Dog Years’ in the American Pie movies. When looking at the menu your food options ONLY include hot dogs, chips and soft drinks (unless you visit in the winter). By ordering a yester, kraut, ultra, cheddar or veggie you are speaking the language of locals. The dogs are boiled, so they are thin, but the flavor that is packed into them by way of the condiments make my glands salivate even thinking about it. Steaming their buns makes for a softer wrap, while the relish is unique in texture and shape and as far as I know found only in West Michigan. A

Atmosphere- Like stepping into a mix between a general store, antique shop and museum, this is a one of a kind place. One wall consists of photos all over the world with people and celebrities adorning their Yesterdog t-shirts. While none of the furniture or décor has been purchased since JFK was in office. Aim for the tip target behind the counter too, the staff loves seeing coins fly over their heads, I kid not. B+

Value- I had three yesters and at $1.70 a piece which works out to about .35 cents per bite (excluding licking the plentiful portions of extra toppings sloshed over on the bakery paper). The specialty dogs go up a bit from there but there is nothing wrong with paying under two bucks, which includes tax, for a hotdog from a restaurant. A-

Side Dish Jody says…If you go to Yesterdog in the winter time, I highly recommend the delicious chicken noodle soup. It is made with large chunks of fresh vegetables, and wide egg noodles. If you happen to visit in the non-winter season, you are out of luck and should visit the Pita House across the street. B+/F (soup/no soup).


Anonymous said...

best thing about yesterdog is that they WILL NOT ALLOW a customer to order a plain ol' chili dog. Its not in their nature, and they won't make it if you ask for one.

Anonymous said...

oops, i meant, "plain ol' hot dog"