Friday, August 7, 2009

Vie's Snack Shack

Coral Bay, St.John. USVI

You have heard the saying…'When in Rome, do as the Romans’. Well while in vacationing on St. John we were told about the legendary Vie’s Snack Shack. An icon amongst the USVI, Vie herself works as she would say ‘when I am here we are open, when I am not we are closed’. I watched Vie literally take a dog, made out of who knows what, out of a package and put it in her toaster oven to cook. She then pulled a bun out of the freezer and thawed it for me. I was NOT impressed one bit by the hot dog at Vie’s Snack Shack. Just because you serve a hot dog does NOT make you a hot dog place. D+

Atmosphere- Vie, the sole proprietor, has made her tiny 6x6x8 shack into a legend amongst island travelers. The only places to eat your meal on site are in chairs around card tables outside, but it is literally across the street from a stretch of beach that Vie apparently owns. It’s hard to beat taking a hot dog to the beach while vacationing in the tropics. B

Value- After seeing outrageous prices all over the island from $5 for half a gallon of milk, to over $6 for a box of cereal, the $2.50 Vie was charging for an American hot dog seemed quite the bargain. Once I got passed the fact that what I was eating wouldn’t even meet my minimum standard at home, I finished off the dog and went on my way unimpressed. B+ (relatively speaking)

Side Dish Jody Says…Although the garlic chicken sounded very tempting, she was all out of it when I ordered. I was however terrified of the wild chickens running around while I watched everyone else eat. D

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