Friday, August 7, 2009

Angry Dog

Dallas, TX

How does that line from Romeo & Juliet go? A rose by any other name is just as sweet? Well Angry Dog decided to put the name of their restaurant on it’s award winning hot dog and it didn’t have the 'angriness' I was hoping for. Though it is served on a plate topped with mustard, chili, cheese, and grilled onions it was neither angry coming in, or going out… if you know what I mean. It is recommended that you eat this dog with a fork and knife, and in that I agree. It was a tasty kosher dog that is for sure. If you do decide to eat this dog without a fork and knife, bring a bucket and bib to catch the leftovers. For the multiple awards that this Angry Dog won, I say kudos to the voting panel. You have my vote as well. B+

Atmosphere- Located in an area that is trying to be refurbished, it has a great backdrop. Once you step into what looks like a ‘hole in the wall’ door, you are greeted to wall to wall patrons, shoe horned into tables beneath a very high (maybe 18 feet) ceiling. If the fire marshal comes to eat here he must be bribed with angry dogs because there is NO WAY this place was below its posted capacity. Everyone seemed happy, and judging by the busy bussers, they were happy. One more thing, even if you don’t have time to eat at Angry Dog, you have to use the Men’s restroom. I can’t tell you why, just walk in and you will instantly know why I sent you in. B

Value- Though fries came with the angry dog, and though it had some mighty tasty chili and awesome grilled onions, $5.95 seemed reasonable. But it’s still a hot dog buried under all that wonderful goo. Would I pay the $5.95 again? Absolutely. Was it worth every penny? It was indeed. But I just can’t get over the fact that it’s still a $5.95 hot dog. Oh I’m sorry, a $5.95 angry dog. C-

Side Dish Jody says...Wide selection on lunch menu, but I got a good ole' American Cheese Burger. The burger was pretty standard as were the fries, but I enjoyed seasoning them with the provided chili seasoning. Womens restroom had greasy floors and smelled strangely of vomit. C

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