Friday, August 7, 2009

The Dam Dogs

Rockford, MI

The name derived from the original building which overlooked the river and dam in town... clever bonus points. The owner has since moved the restaurant a few buildings away, negating the clever bonus points. Each of the dogs offered were a combination of mustard, ketchup, relish, onions, chili and cheese for the most part. There are a few specialty items here and there but more or less the same dog just with different names. My two 'Rockford Dogs' came with so much relish on top that after eating the dogs, I had a bakery paper soiled with a concoction I dubbed “hot dog salad”. Too many toppings take away from the taste of the dog, which was at least all beef. C-

Atmosphere- Hanging on the walls overlooking the twenty or so available seats were ceramic and metal reprinted signs. The bead board ceiling reminded me of a breezeway and Northern cottage feel, but the d├ęcor of the interiors did not blend or mesh. Authentic and vintage signs would go great, but not the motif I would have gone for when the ceiling and shape are more rustic looking. This would be a great place to hit for a quick lunch, or pick up a bunch of dogs to hit the road, but it pales in atmosphere to the other place in town. D+

Value- Maybe I have been spoiled by getting bargains for my hot dogs on my journeys, or perhaps the la-ti-da feel of Rockford rubbed off on the price of the hot dogs here. I paid $3.00 each for my Rockford Dogs, and perhaps some of the hot dog salad was included in that price as a option for dessert. Perhaps one of the coolest things I have ever seen as a form of payment was here. You can pay in cash, credit or even I.O.U’s. Yes I.O.U. According to a newspaper clipping that hangs on the wall, they have never been stiffed. A very low grade was raised solely because of the I.O.U to a respectable B-

Side Dish Jody says… I didn’t actually eat anything at this restaurant but chose to go along for the ride. If I were to have eaten there my non-dog options would be a “walking taco” consisting of Fritos, chili, jalapenos, cheese and onions or nachos either plain or deluxe. None of these options seemed to be anything special, just left over hotdog condiments. D

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