Friday, August 7, 2009


Myrtle Beach, SC

If you have ever been to Myrtle Beach, or even if you have never been to Myrtle Beach, you can visualize a touristy spring break beach-type town where people cruise the strip and patrons venture in and out of all the local trinket stores. On the main corner of this downtown strip sits Peaches with its marquis advertising ‘World Famous Footlong Chili Dogs’. Now, I am a sucker for the slogan ‘world famous’ so of course I checked it out. This footlong was cooked before my eyes on a grill top as the smell permeated through the smell of beach sand and salt water. I must say it was a good dog but the overload amount of relish really took away from the dog. It wasn’t quite a sweet relish, but a little more tang than the typical dill. If I am talking more about the relish than the chili on top, its not a good thing. B-

Atmosphere- Very few vacation destinations have a hot dog stand on the main corner of 'the strip'. Full frontal sliding glass doors allow you to eat in the air conditioning or have the doors open to catch the ocean breeze while you people watch. Inside at the counter could sit maybe 15 and the limited booths could hold another 20 or so. But this was more designed to get the dog and walk, than dine in. But with the strip in the background and the vintage feel of the building, I would recommend sitting down to eat. The shops aren’t going anywhere and the cruisers will be back in three minutes. B+

Value- Outside of the carnivals or the occasional vendor special, you don’t find footlongs that often. So the rarity of a footlong for $3.60 I considered quite the bargain. Plus, any topping you wanted on it was included. No extra charge for chili, cheese or other toppings. A loaded footlong was the same as a plain footlong. Reach in your wallet and gladly slide the money over. A

Side Dish Jody says…Jody was at home in the snow, while I was out on the beach eating dogs. They did have mighty tasting looking hamburgers and onion rings though.

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