Friday, August 7, 2009

Skinny Legs

Coral Bay, St John. USVI

When you picture a burger place in the islands, this would be your stereotype. Complete with a horseshoe pit and darts in the back , Skinny Legs overlooks a bay of water where locals come to get their meal. Everyone at the bar seemed to know each other, and the wait staff was great when they served me a mighty tasty cheese-dog. This ¼ pound all beef dog came with a melted slice of cheese over the top of it. The interesting thing about this dog was that it was sliced partially into quarters between the bun. No frills about this cheese-dog, as it was served with a side of potato chips. If you are looking for fries to go with your meals, you are in the wrong place. Meals come without fries here. It sure did hit the spot after a ‘rough’ day at the beach though. B

Atmosphere- As the wind from the bay gently blew through this entirely open aired restaurant, I sat at a picnic table and chowed down. The most interesting thing about the night I ate the hot dog was that it was movie night. Apparently on Monday nights, every TV in the restaurant broadcasts a movie for patrons and locals to watch. It was a great way to kill a few hours in the evening for the cost of dining in the elements. B+

Value- Everything on St. John costs more than it would back on the mainland, so I had to take that into consideration. $5.00 is a great deal for a hotdog at a ballpark, but not from a restaurant where the waitress wore flip flops and a halter top. All things considered with prices on the island, it was a fare price. C

Side Dish Jody says…A very good burger to eat. Make sure you ask what the burger of the day is, as it changes each day to whatever the cook wants to make. If you feel like having water, use the self serve large orange coolers. B

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