Friday, August 7, 2009

The Corner Bar

Rockford, MI

A hot dog is a simple food that people have tried to perfect over the years. The Corner Bar has tried to perfect it with their ‘World Famous Chili Dog’. When a restaurant advertises anything as ‘world famous’, a connoisseur can’t help but try the sample out to put the product to a test. Test results are back and I am not sold. Though it is true professional hot dog eaters have visited this establishment and it seems to be a local icon, the chili paste that is topped on each dog has a very dry taste and texture. Chili was made to be robust and potent. I will not claim to know much about chili, but to me chili is chili. If you want a meat paste, go hit up a dry taco shack. C-

Atmosphere- Out of all the places you have ever eaten a hot dog, how many places give you the option to dine in, or take it with you? Well, to take it with you is truly defined at this place where outside there is a window solely for those who choose to walk away with their hot dog without ever stepping inside The Corner Bar confines. However, by venturing inside to eat, you see the tag line ‘Home of the hot dog Hall of Fame’. All over the walls are the thousands of people who have eaten more than a dozen dogs in a sitting to have their name’s etched amongst the immortals. Any place who can boast of literally thousands of people eating dogs, that is a great atmosphere to relish in…pun intended. A

Value- One is given the option of hot dogs or all beef dogs, which is a good start. Regular dogs start at $1.59 and add just .30 for the all beef version. No fancy toppings or plentiful chili portions here, but $2 for an all beef chili dog is a steal. A-

Side Dish Jody says…You cannot go to The Corner Bar without eating one of my all time favorites, deep fried dills. These thick cut dill pickles are beer battered and deep fried with a side of ranch dressing. I have tried many of the entrees to go along with the pickles, but what always brings it home, is time and again the deep fried dills. B+

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