Friday, August 7, 2009

Red Hot Inn

Grand Rapids, MI

Having a theme or play on words in your restaurant name is almost a given if you specialize in hot dogs. But to use a throwback word like ‘red hot’ made me smile and reminisce to those who delighted in red hot’s decades before me. Sticking with the reminiscent throwback theme, this a-la-carte restaurant allows you to add a portion of this or that. But how can you fill up with so many other dishes when there are hot dogs readily available? Is a-la-carte dining not your thing? Use the drive up window to take your order wherever you are going. The trio of ‘picnic dogs’ that I had were true red hot’s. Living up true to its name, they were red in color and hot in(n) the bun. B-

Atmosphere- I was on a mission to get food in my belly so the only view’s of the inside was from the drive-thru window. Here is what I saw: Lots of booths filled with people in them, and two signs out front reading ‘Free Wifi’ and ‘Smoke Free’. No smoking and you can surf the net while packing down a dog or more. Topping it off, it sits on one of the busiest corners in North East Grand Rapids so the traffic can back up in the parking lot, just to get a red hot. C-

Value- Your options include four different kinds of dogs. But whether you want a red hot with the bare basics or one loaded with chili and cheese you pay the same price. Any dog you want with any kind of fixings for the price of $1.89 each. A commitment to red hot’s at a roll-back price. That is truly a value. A-

Side Dish Jody says…Nothing. Side dish Jody did not put Red Hot Inn to the road test.

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