Friday, August 7, 2009

The Filling Station

Comstock Park, MI

After weeks and months of passing a marquis that reads ‘The best chili dogs in town’, (strike one) it was finally time to dine and put this dog to the road test. Upon entering, the electronic menu digitally advertised World Famous dogs (strike two). The phrases ‘best’ and ‘world famous’ are lofty phrases that should not be lightly tossed around. Boiled dogs on plain buns with no secret recipe makes these dogs special? Well I guess that every college dining commons and elementary school cafeteria serve thousands of ‘best’ and ‘world famous’ each week then. C

Atmosphere- This cafeteria style restaurant was adorned with hundreds of old license plates, authentic road signs, gas pumps and gas globes all done very tastefully to combine with many modern amenities. Some of the booths were equipped with their own private TV screens and others with sound dials to watch the main TV. Being caught up in the simple atmosphere made you forget that this restaurant was located off of one of the busiest most congested roads in Northern Kent County. Take home a collector’s t-shirt for only $5 too. And no tipping either, just leave your tray. B

Value- Shocking, simply shocking. Upon ordering my platter entitled ‘3 dog special’, I wondered how this place was making a high enough profit margin. Their loss was my gain as the platter of 3 chili dogs came to $4.95. Just like in the infomercials though, but wait there is more. This platter also came with a 16 ounce beverage, plus they had Dr. Pepper on the fountain. 3 dogs, and a soda for $4.95. It doesn’t get much better than that. A

Side Dish Jody says…I had the dry regular burrito which was a gigantic flour tortilla filled with at least half a pound of spicy ground beef, generous portions of beans, lettuce, tomato, onions and cheese. Although this was a tasty burrito, there was nothing spectacular or notable about it. It was a great value however. For $3.99 I had more than enough for two meals. B-

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