Thursday, December 10, 2009


Chicago, IL

When we started this site, there were a handful of national iconic hot dog destinations that instantly jumped to mind as places we had to get to. Superdawg was one of them. Shoehorned into a pie shaped corner of roads that they have outgrown decades ago, the drive in style diner still serves you at your car. Complete with working speakers, car-hops, and the tray that rests on your rolled down window, (ala Fred Flintstone) this place is a genuine throwback! When my Superdawg came out, I opened the box and found this dog piled with jalapenos, a dill pickle spear that reached the length of the bun and a pile of fries . You get a bottle of ketchup on your tray because they refuse to add ketchup to this delicious morsel. The dog itself was perfectly done. Thick, juicy and a great snap as you bite into it. The steamed bun soaked in every bit of goodness from the neon green relish, onions and mustard. And those fries…OH THOSE FRIES. Fresh crinkle cut fries topped off the box and carried the flavor of the hot dog...excuse me, SUPERDAWG along with it. A

Atmosphere- How can you not love a place that has two 12 foot tall hot dogs that rest on the roof? Maurie and Flaurie (the names of the hot dogs and, coincidentally, the owners) have been welcoming generations of hot dog eaters since the 1940’s. The sheer small size of the lot that it sits on, creates quite the interesting dilemma for cars trying to maneuver about the parking lot. You could also walk up to an order window to get your dogs to go or sit at one of the few seats inside. I wish I could have come at night to see the neon lights up and running. But that just means I will have to come again to experience it. B

Value- Not a cheap dog at $4.75 but I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. The Superdawg that I had came with fries as I mentioned and every bite was well worth it. When thinking of the price, consider the size of the pickle that also adorns the bun, which is almost like a side dish extra in and of itself. Bring cash, because apparently the Visa commercial and slogan, “Visa, it’s everywhere you want to be”, has not reached this corner of Chicago yet. B+

Side Dish Jody says…Side Dish Jody did not come on this road trip with hot dog guy. But judging by the menu, she would have liked the fries (if they didn’t touch a hot dog) and probably would have tried a burger. No Grade

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