Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hot dog throwing game

One of our readers sent me this link.

This high school has revamped an old school bus and turned into a traveling hot dog wagon of sorts. Apparently the "Spirit Bus", as it is known, shows up to football games during the pre-game tailgate, school activities and other sporting events to pass out hot dogs for free.

On this interactive game, the Spirit Bus launches hot dogs at the other school's mascots from the conference.

If a school attacks your bus before you shoot it with a hot dog, the game ends.

Have fun and rack some high scores. Feel free to report your high scores here and leave it in the message box.

Click on the title of this post which takes you to the game.


Anonymous said...

My high score was 270... I'm not very good! - side dish Jody

Ron Koutz said...

my score was 410. Could have been higher but the game made me hungry for......... ado, of course