Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Anytown, USA

Recently a Sonic opened near where Side Dish Jody and I live. This is the first nationwide chain that we have reviewed. Normally, I would bypass chains for the local flavor of a hot dog, but we were here eating and I saw a dog on the menu so I thought I would order it. Without the chili and extra flavors that Sonic offers, this was a very bland dog. The dog had zero natural flavor to it, and the bun was far from fresh. In fact, I probably should have rolled it back into the wrapper and put it in the bag it came from. But alas, I choked it down. Now to be fair, Sonic has been known for its toppings on it's hot dogs. I just chose not to get the toppings. If I were to do it again, I would order it the way it is intended. On the other hand, after my experience, it might take an awfully hungry day for me to buy another dog from them. D

Sonic has tried to recapture Americana but taking the drive-in principle and modernizing it. Having recently been to a drive in place that specialized in hot dogs, it had the same feel but a totally different ambiance. Sometime when things are made to look vintage or authentic, they can come across as tired looking. Sonic had all the flare and the freshness for sure, but it lacks that unique panache that I have grown accustomed to when enjoying a hot dog. C

This was the best part as the hot dog was only a buck. I have yet to find a place that serves hot dogs for anywhere close to this low of a price, but for a little extra price on their part, it could have tasted a lot better. So for the price of a lone dollar bill I give you an A

Side Dish Jody says...
I was absolutely thrilled to see them building a new Sonic in Michigan. I was introduced to Sonic when I went to college in KY, and I missed it ever since. On this trip, I ordered the chicken finger dinner basket. Which includes-chicken fingers, tater tots, and a random piece of Texas toast. The chicken fingers and tater tots were crispy, salty and mighty delicious. I also like the ice that they put in their fountain pop. A-

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