Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hot Dog of the Week: Swiss Hot Dog Company

Sorry for the long delay faithful readers.

After putting a 'hard day' of work in on a summer day, sometimes kicking back with a grilled hot dog just suits the stomach well.

But if skiing the slopes in Colorado, does a hot dog sound good then?

Well if you ask patrons of The Swiss Hot Dog Company in Avon, CO, the answer would be yes.

Making each of their sausages or dogs, all natural of course, each comes on a baguette.  Fresh chopped parsley, onions, sweat curry seasoning, and brown mustard top the original dog while also containing two sausages inside.  A tasty and bountiful combination.

So as we enter the winter months, and you are headed to Colorado to hit the slopes, hit up The Swiss Hot Dog Company to fulfill your hunger.

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