Monday, October 8, 2012

Hot Dog of the Week: Franks 'n Dawgs

Question. What do hot dogs have in common with tofu, porkloin, and duck?

Answer: They are each options for a dog at Franks 'n Dawgs of Chicago, IL.

We have all eaten dogs that have been served by 'Greasy Bob' or 'Sloppy Sally', but to have a dog that has been hand-made by a chef sets this place apart.

They hand make all of their own encased meat, and yes you can get porkloin, duck and tofu as options.  They also serve and toast locally made lobster rolls for your dog or sausage to go in. 

When looking for something a little outside the box with an upscale touch, then this would be the place for you when in Chicago. 

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R Jonis said...

I've eaten at Franks 'n Dawgs several times and I love the interesting combination of flavors and ingredients in their haute dogs. I don't get into Chicago as much as I used to so I've started to try to create interesting hot dogs at home. I found a great inspiration at Check it out and let me know what you think.