Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Johnny B'z

Here is some hot dog math for you. When does 2 = 3?

The answer: Two of Jonny B'z dogs weigh the same as three of the 'other guys.'

Priding themselves on their grilled buns and 100% beef hot dogs, Jonny B'z makes some tasty dogs. The buns are more rectangular with sharper corners than the traditional hot dog bun, and rolled with a light butter so the grill does not burn the bread.

Once the dog was bunned up, I opted for the Jonny Dog (ketchup, mustard, relish, onion) and a Chicago Dog. The Chicago Dog had sport peppers and those babies packed a little punch. I like spicy food, and these made my toes curl a bit. You could tell the quality in each of the tasty bites of the dogs. Grade: B

Atmosphere- The building is in a part of town that is being revamped for more of the modern renaissance trend with other restaurants and eclectic store fronts. On the walls of the restaurant are black and white pictures of America's hot dog mecca's. There are also paintings done by local elementary school students and there renditions of what hot dogs look like. I was part of the lunch crowd that had construction workers, business men, and families enjoying a simple lunch. You will notice at Jonny B'z that weekend hours extend to 3 a.m. You want to know what kind of atmosphere happens after midnight? Picture all of those things that mamma told you to stay away from, and combine that with late night munchies. I will have to come back after the clock strikes the bewitching hour just to experience THAT atmosphere. C+

Value- The two dogs I had came as a part of a combo platter that included a drink all for around $5. Not breaking the bank by any stretch. Those fries though that I pilfered off of SDJ's plate would have been worth five bucks alone. B+

Side Dish Jody says...
I had the hamburger combo which included a juicy well seasoned hamburger, homemade fries and a delicious fountain Diet Coke. The burger and fries were exceptionally tasty and for $5.50 was a good value. I especially like the local Elementary School artwork on the wall. Other than burgers there was not a lot of non hotdog options. B+

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