Sunday, June 19, 2011

Homemade dogs for Father's Day

A guy walks into a turkey farm with a knife.

No, this is not a joke but rather the start of the slaughtering process at Duerksen Turkey Farm.

I am no expert on how to make a turkey brat, but I do know how to eat a turkey brat.

You see, the Duerksen Family are friends of mine and they decided to give me some of their homemade Turkey Bratwurst filled with cheese.

So after weeks of holding on to these for a special occasion, I broke these out for a Father's Day grilled dinner.

When biting into the brat, the casing did not take much work to snap open. The cheese inside did not spew out on the grille and make a lake of grease the way some of the major manufacturers brats do. Rather, the cheese added taste, but you could still taste the turkey in the brats. The turkey flavor was almost that of a breakfast sausage. It was very good.

So if ever Up Nort' in Michigan, you will have to look for the Duerksen Turkey Farm logo on the grocers shelves. Your tummy will be happy that you bought them.

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