Thursday, March 10, 2011

Myrtle Beach, SC

When walking on the beach, what would you take with you to munch on? Well, if you are in Myrtle Beach and this question pops into your head, vie straight for Ocean Front Grill. Snuggle up to the bar top and order the footlong chili dog and take it for a walk down the beach. The chili on top was the perfect amount and combination to quench the appetite. The white onions that are finely sliced, adorn the top and mix greatly with the chili yet are not overpowering to the dog or your breath. The all beef dog snaps when you bite into it and coming off the grill top, it’s a dark color. Whether you decide to dine in or take it with you on the beach, you get a convenient footlong dog tray. BEWARE: When ordering 'everything' on your dog, be prepared to eat this with a bib and a tarp. B+

Atmosphere- As I ordered my footlong, the TV overhead was showing a plethora of snow drowning the Midwest. As I turned my head 180 degrees I saw a picture perfect blue sky, a sandy beach, and people playing football….and that is ten feet out the door. Speaking of doors, the uniqueness of the doors here may never be duplicated. Home garage doors were open for customers to walk in and out as they please. An oceanfront hot dog establishment…WOW! A

Value- Competition drives price down and when your competition is at the other end of the block, prices better be comparable. Comparable is one thing, identical is another. $3.60 for a footlong chili dog is a very good price, especially for an oceanfront dog-establishment. B+

Side Dish Jody says… Jody was an unfortunate victim of the aforementioned Midwest snow storm, but typical bar food was available.

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