Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Stop Coney Shop

Grand Rapids, MI

One of our readers suggested that we take a little trip to the newest hot dog place in West Michigan located near the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. Upon meeting the owner of the "shop" he took us through the way he wanted to do dogs. He starts with Michigan based Koegel dogs which has one of the best snaps to the casing that I have ever had. Nothing is pre-cooked here, only cooked to order. The first step is to throw the dogs on the grill. He doesn't boil or steam his dogs, but rather puts them on the grill until they are about ready to split. Though the dogs are not that thick or robust, the true snap of the casing and the pure beef inside makes it a very desirable dog. I had a pair of dogs on the day which included a Chicago Dog and a special of the Coney Shop, the Sky Dog named after one of the employees. This Chicago Dog was wrapped into a poppy seed bun with the jalapeno, tomato, and toxic looking relish nicely spread on top. This was a good Chicago Dog. The Sky Dog however was not as appealing. This dog was topped with a MOUND of sauerkraut and chili. The chili was good and not to overpowering, but the sauerkraut was a little soggy and an over abundance of it. Order the Chicago Dog, pass on the Sky Dog, and as you will read later from Side Dish Jody...ORDER THE BELGIAN FRIES! B+

Atmosphere- The outside of the restaurant had a brick facade from the original building that had to date back to the first third of the twentieth century. Upon stepping inside you see how well they used their long narrow space. Tables adorned the entire west side, where you could watch them grill your dog, decorate the top and cook your Belgian fries to order. Though the inside fresh paint and new decorations counter the exterior of the building, this place will be around for some time as they encourage customers to leave comments on the tiled panels on the wall and sign his or her name. C+

Ranging from a $1.79 plain dog up to the chili cheese dog at $2.59, they have hit a bulls eye with their price points. Care to make your dog a meal? Well it includes delicious Belgian fries and a drink for under $5.50 in all but one dog option. Amongst the hot dog places I have been in West Michigan, this one ranks at the top so far in bang for you buck meals. A-

Side Dish Jody says...I ordered the double burger (the smallest size) with added cheese and a cone of Belgian fries. The burger tasted like a standard cheeseburger but was tough to hold together with the two patties on a flimsy bun. The fries, however, were excellent! They were perfectly crispy on the outside yet steamy on the inside and salted to perfection. I would return again to solely get the fries! Other non-hot dog options included variations of chili and cheese on their fries, although I did not try those. Grade: B


Leslie said...

Thanks for the review and the constructive criticisms. Always looking to improve and appreciate your comments.
BTW, signatures on the wall are actually customers who wanted to leave a TIP, or donated to the 'charity of the quarter'. We contribute any TIP to charity. Everyone raised over $450 for the Kids Food Basket last quarter.
The One Stop crew

hawk krall said...

Those fries look great for a dog place. Love that they have both "Flint" and "Detroit" sauce on the menu.. that might be a first!

Wish I was closer to Michigan.

wandering educators said...

this is our VERY favorite hot dog spot in the world!! i love those fries, esp with the ranch dressing. the hamburgers now are one patty instead of two, and i get one with bacon super crispy. we love the owners - very kind, and know what they are doing. we live an hour away and sometimes drive to grand rapids JUST to eat here. yum!