Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Backyard Big Dogs

Oshtemo, MI

One of our friends suggested that we check out this newly opened place on the outskirts of Kalamazoo. That was all the reason Side Dish Jody and I needed to make the trek. Walking in the door you are greeted by a long bar type counter where you can belly up to see your dogs being cooked on a rotisserie grill behind the counter. I decided to tackle the behemoth "my dog is bigger than your dog" dog. It was a footlong, half pound all beef dog that made me salivate just looking at it. I topped it off with mustard, relish, onions, sour kraut, cheese and celery salt. All the toppings you put on the dog are included. With each bite I could hear the casing snap, and the juices from the dog blended well. The bun was not the standard footlong bun that you would get around a pencil thin typical hot dog. This was a bun made for this thick dog. As far as places that serve footlongs, that I have experienced it rates near the top. A-

Atmosphere- The habitat for this building is in the last storefront of what looks like a fairly new strip mall. So you could drive past it and not even recognize it as a hot dog joint. Not a fan of brand new places and non-nostalgic decorations, but everyone has to start somewhere. I normally put hot dogs and low key together, and that is what they did on the interior. The bar counter was a very unique feature, and the other eating stations were picnic tables. Picnic tables were meant to have hot dogs eaten on them. Though it was opened in the fall 0f 2009, the clientele is still building. I can see this place being busy come spring and summer time when the typical fair weather hot dog fans come through. If driving North on 131 or cutting across I-94, take a 10 minute detour and belly up to the bar! B-

Value- When I saw this dog rotating and waiting for me to devour it, I wondered what the price would be. Figuring it would be in the $5-$7 range. Surprisingly, it only cost $4.49. They advertise it as a double gourmet dog and they pegged the description. The toppings they adorned the top with was generous, but not to much to make it a messy dog to pound down, bite after bite after bite after.... The look on my face in the picture should say it all. WELL WORTH every penny for each bite (which was about 13 bites overall) A-

Side Dish Jody says...
I had the nachos which were a pile of yellow corn chips, chili, cheese and jalapenos. Though it was a very good value, it was one of the only options other than a baked potato for non hot dog eaters. I very much enjoyed the meat and the cheese. B

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Jenn Amo said...

Wow! This is a crazy hot dog! I would not want to hear about it from anyone else but you and Side Dish Jody! Love it!