Monday, January 28, 2013

Hot Dog of the Week: Dawg House

We have eaten cocktail weenies and we have eaten quarter pound hot dogs.  Every once in a while, we even run across foot long hot dogs.

But at the Dawg House in Greensburg, IN they have a 22" one pound hot dog.  Folks, that is a lot of hot dog.

A pound of hot dog sound to much for you?  Well they also offer bratwurst, polish sausage, and Italian sausage for $2.29 each.  A bargain itself.

If traveling on I-74 between Indianapolis and Cincinnati, this place should be a must on your list. 

1 comment:

weenie man said...

a 22 inch hotdog almost sounds obscene - i see by googling, their reuben is outstanding which means i'll have to try at home