Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Arbetter's Hot Dogs

Miami, FL

Every restaurant owner puts their own touches on an establishment.  That is what makes it theirs.  Having Boston roots and being in South Florida is what make's Arbetter's Hot Dogs what it is.  When/if the Red Sox win the World Series, there is a sign saying that baked beans are free the next day.  The smaller quarters that all patrons wait in line for food, and the confined eating area would fit in well in Boston also.  When ordering dogs, this place has its own style.  If you want onions and mustard on the dog that would be an M.O. dog.  If you wanted chili and mustard it would be a C.M. dog, and so on.  Speaking of the chili, it is homemade and a perfect topping that flows down the dog without taking away from the taste of the grill it was made on.  I had a C.O and an All Around dog which has mustard, onions, and relish.  This would qualify as a greasy spoon restaurant of the South, but that is EXACTLY what a hot dog shop should be.

Atmosphere You walk in the small building and you are hit square in the face with Bostonian sports flare.  A tribute to Larry Bird that includes a sign that says "Free Refills when you say 'I Love Larry Bird' "  This would be a true hole in the wall place that is void of even a website.  You can see the entire process of them preparing your dogs for you which is always cool to see.  Judging by the line of people that filled the restaurant on a monsoon-like day when we attended, shows that customers are loyal.  The place may sit 25 people IF it gets crowded, but most people grab their dogs and hit the road it looks like.  B+

Value Very reasonably priced with the C.O dogs coming in at $2.15 each and the All Around dog comes in under two bucks at $1.95 so you get a lot of bang (including the indigestion) for a great price.  Fries are $2.05 and adding chili or cheese to your fries only tops the scales at $3.15.  Kudos for a local small business for keeping prices so low that people come back not only for the taste, but because it doesn't break anyone's budget either.  A

Side Dish Jody says...Typically the only non hot dog options would be fries or chili cheese fries.  I started with the chili cheese fries and they were greasy and delicious.  The hi-light food of the visit was when the owner ordered several pizzas from a local pizzeria and gave out slices in celebration of the recent Miami Heat championship. D+ (minus the pizza)

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