Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot Dog of the Week: Barker's Red Hots

In the summer time we all see street vendors boiling and selling their hot dogs.

Most of them are owned by a private individual who is just out looking to make a few bucks on the side during a bustling town event or on a hot weekend day.

Well, Barker's Red Hots of Marietta, GA has taken the street vending of hot dog, and added the twist that has kept them in business since 1984.

Barker's uses charcoal to cook all of their dogs over and by slightly scoring them, you get a unique crunch and snap as you bite into the dogs.  Barker's uses a dog that has been making and producing meat by the same family for five generations dating back to the 1860's!

Even from a hot dog cart, each dog is made to order on the spot.  Though it may take a few extra minutes to get what you want, at least it will be fresh.

So when in metropolitan Atlanta, look for the big yellow umbrella's with Barker's on it.  Find out for yourself why the Atlanta Journal-Constitution calls it 'Atlanta's Best Hot Dog'.

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