Monday, April 16, 2012

Hot Dog of the Week: Trolly Stop Hot Dogs

How many hot dog shops give your five different choices for a dog?

Now by choices, I do not mean what goes ON the dog, I mean five choices for the KIND of dog.

Well, at Trolley Stop Hot Dogs that spans five locations along the North Carolina's Atlantic coast, they offer you the following choices in your dog BEFORE you adorn it with the kind of dog you want. Start off with a Sabrett, Original, Carolina smoked sausage, vegetarian, or fat free turkey dog.

Then select one of 13 dog choices.

On the go for the day with your family dog? Well if you show up to one of their hot dog cart peddlers, they will give your dog a hot dog as well.

So when traveling on the road, and the family pooch is hungry too, head to Trolley Stop Hot Dogs.

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