Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hot Dog of the Week: House of Doggs

Certain things go well with hot dogs.

Baseball ALWAYS goes well with hot dogs...and is the main reason this October I have been negligent on the blog here.

Summer cookouts go hand in hand with hot dogs, as do camping, tailgating, and feeding mass quantities of people.

One other thing that goes well with hot dogs is music.

At the House of Doggs in Traverse City, MI they combine their love of music with their history of hot dog(g)s.

Naming each of their hot dogs after genre's of music or iconic bands, House of Doggs treats its customers to fair prices. Most of their dogs are under three bucks a wiener.

Adorning the restaurant with it's classic music flare truly brings the two worlds of music and hot dogs together.

Enjoy when visiting during the Cherry Festival, or simply on a fall color tour. Heck, is there ever a bad time for a hot dog?

We think not.

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