Monday, July 18, 2011


Norfolk, VA

When in Norfolk there is THE place to eat. The place would be Doumar's.

Known for their barbecue, Doumar's has been featured on the Food Network's hit show Diner's, Drive-in's & Dives.

Though this would be a place that serves hot dogs, and not a hot dog place, it was a great atmosphere that took you back to small town America.

The diner was about the size of your storage shed, but the ample parking and car hop service that was offered multiplies the customers.

The dog itself was very small and cut down the middle on a bun. Nothing to special about this dog, in fact it was very pedestrian. But that does NOT MEAN you should not try it on a visit to Doumar's.

One of the coolest pieces of Americana is here and millions of people world wide need to thank Mr. Doumars for it. Behold, the original waffle cone machine. Not only is this THE machine that first started producing waffle cones, but it is still run daily by Mr. Doumar's himself. He had just taken a break when we were leaving so we didn't get a picture with him but here is the iconic piece that has contributed to many sugar induced comas over the years.

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