Monday, April 18, 2011

Hot Dog of the Week: Coney Island Lunch

The Midwest has notoriously bastardized the term 'coney'.

Coney, in the Great Lakes region, tells more about the kind of restaurant instead of a term for our beloved hot dog.

Well at Coney Island Lunch in Scranton, PA they have been cooking coney dogs for over 80 years. A hot dog that is sliced down the middle and served on a locally made roll and served with a chili sauce is truly a coney dog.

Out of all of the dog shops we have reviewed, this shop has hands down the most detailed history and dozens upon dozens of pictures that catalog it's past.

Check out why people have kept Coney Island in business as the longest running restaurant in town.

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Banksy said...

I love this place. I have been there many times. It's been 10+ years as my reasons for visiting Scranton are gone, but this place is in my top 5.

Check out our review of Coney Island as well with the link below. Also if you are in the Allentown area, you must check out Yocco's.