Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hot Dog of the Week: Ted's Hot Dogs

Each independently owned hot dog restaurant is a bit different. There are different themes, different concoctions to top the hot dog, and different ways to prepare the hot dog.

Well at Ted's Hot Dogs they have chosen to cook their dogs the same way many of us cook a hot dog in the summertime- over a charcoal flame. Have you ever gone to a restaurant for a charcoal prepped dog? In a good charcoaled dog, you taste the smoke in the outer casing or from the beef on the inside.

Ted's has branched out to seven locations over Western New York, but the same homemade onion rings, real ice cream milk shakes, and homemade hot sauce can be ordered with your hot dog at any location.

See why Ted's has been able so stay in business and grown since 1927 by clicking HERE.

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