Friday, July 23, 2010


Seattle, WA

Out for a run while in Seattle along the wharf, the smell coming off of the Puget Sound was not that of fish and trolling fishing boats. The smell that filtered into my nostrils was that of sausage, and bratwurst, and hot dogs being cooked. I picked up the pace and ran past this small stand that was the size of a gardening shed called The Frankfurter. I returned around lunch time and was amazed at the variety and popularity of such a small stand. 12 count them 12 different dog options were offered. Non traditional options such as sun dried tomato dogs and Thai chicken dogs were on the menu, as well as scarcely found bockworst, and kosher dogs. On the day I had a kielbasa topped with grilled onions and peppers with a sole line of hot mustard to enhance the flavor. The dog was wrapped in a thicker bun that you would commonly think of around a thick kielbasa or even an East coast hoagie. The casing was a bit tougher to bite through, but that is normal for a kielbasa. The spiced meat flavor came through though as a mighty tasty dog on the afternoon. Next time I visit, I will run longer so I can develop a bigger hunger than one lone kielbasa. B

Atmosphere- I have had hot dogs on the Atlantic ocean (see our South Carolina posts) and now this is the furthest West we have gone on our hot dog travels. Though more than a portable stand, but with the panache of a street vendor cart, it was a very cool idea. A dog at a local stand is hard to top, especially when you can turn and view a 180 degrees of waterfront acreage and the bustle of people exploring the tourist area. I walked for a bit and had my picture taken just a few blocks away next to the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks stadium. C+

Value -
Dogs that come from street vendor-esque peddlers have been known to gouge patrons due to the supply and demand principle. But considering the fact that I got a grilled kielbasa, with peppers and onions on a thick roll of a bun for under $5 I was quite pleased. If in Seattle head to one of their three locations and venture away from the traditional restaurants that line the other side of the street. B

Side Dish Jody Says...was not on the trip and could not revue the non hot dog options.

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