Friday, May 7, 2010

Other Hot Dog Meals

Growing up with an affection for hot dogs, my mom discovered a new way to implement dogs into our family's repertoire of meals.

This picture is not of my mother's dish, but rather a picture taken from, but strikes a near bulls eye to what mom cooked us up.

I present to you, Brats and Tots. A casserole concoction made primarily of bratwurst, tater tots, cheese, and ranch dressing.

Slicing the bratwurts up into quarter sized fragments, pummeling the pan with zealous amounts of cheese, and letting the crunchiness of the tater tots bake into the dish made this a family favorite that still makes its way to the dinner table if/when I go back home.

I am curious as to what hot dog-esque substitute meals you are familiar with, or have had.

Please go into vivid descriptions so we can all froth at the mouth

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