Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mad Dogz

Comstock Park, MI

One of our readers again pointed out a new place for Side Dish Jody and I to venture to. Located just North of Grand Rapids, Mad Dogz was opened in the late fall of 2009 within a good 3 iron of US-131. When you walk in the door the staff take your order at the counter and make your dogz on the spot. What is even better is that if you order more than one dog, they bring them out to you one at a time so they do not get cold. Why hasn't anyone ever thought of this before! Yes it is a little more time intensive, but as a customer you always have a warm dog waiting for you. It is the small things that set places a part. I ordered two dogz (Mad Dog and Lunatic). The Mad Dog came adorned with chili, ketchup, mustard, pickle, cheese and onion. This dog had a lot of toppings, I mean an insane amount on top of the hot dog and sloshing out over the bun. The Lunatic Dog (see picture to the right) was the same as the Mad Dog except you add kraut and subtract the cheese. This was the second of the two dogs I ate and when it was delivered to me, I swear a boxing bell rang in the background as if to challenge me. The owner stopped by our table and said that this dog with all of its toppings weighed close to a pound fully garnished. I have had foot longs, and I have had 1/2 pound dogs, but this was the heaviest dog I may have ever had. What sets these dogs apart though is the chili. Man was it good chili. The owner, whom I will call "Mr. Mad Dog," admitted that it was not homemade but a very high quality chili. When going to Mad Dogz, just get the Bonkers Dog which comes with just chili and cheese. Heck, the cheese was nothing special, but man I would eat that chili over and over again. B for what I ate (A+ for that chili and thoughts of a chili dog!)

Though a new restaurant, it was neither newly built nor a historic building. There was plenty of space to sit at the tables, and one flat screen TV that we watched The Price is Right on, but very much lacking in de'cor or a theme to flow through the place. I would say that the coolest or interesting niche about it was a sign in the bathroom. Above the mirror said "hello gorgeous". I will admit, I smiled at myself and did a little strut to check out my gorgeous self, but don't tell Side Dish Jody that I did this, she might burst my bubble. Go for the dogz and enjoy people watching on the side walk, but don't go with trendy expectations. D+

At $3.00 for a Mad Dog, and $3.25 for a Lunatic Dog they were worth the money. Heck, there was such a mountain of condiments on top of the dog, the employees may have paid $3 per dog just to top it off that way . Had I been hungry after the two dogs I ate, I would have gladly paid another 3 bucks for a chili dog. Have I mentioned how good they were yet? B+

Side Dish Jody sa
ys...Mad Dogz provided the standard non-dog options, walking taco or chips & cheese. I choose the chips & cheese Deluxe! For $5.00 I thought it was a bit pricey for hot dog condiments pretending to be nachos but I gave it a shot. I was pleased to see that the quantity of topping was enormous to the point I had to dig around with my fork to get to the gold corn chips. The chips were topped with a tasty chili, nacho cheese sauce, onions, jalapenos and ridiculous amounts of sour cream. Too be honest, it was almost too much topping in ratio to chips but tasted good. B-


shawntai said...

Wow, I can't believe you came to Comstock. There is another great dog place close to Comstock in downtown Kalamazoo. Dogs with Style goes for the Chi Town-style dog and they are really good. Check out the review!

hotdog_guy said...
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