Saturday, November 21, 2009

All American Hot Dogs

Kentwood, MI

A beautiful sunny November day had Side Dish Jody on the road for another hot dog place. Upon first entering the restaurant, a friendly couple greeted us behind the counter. The menu was pre-set with combo meals , but you could also order hot dogs individually. When you order your dog, it comes just in a bun. You can then choose as many of the 20 offered toppings to put on your dog. All the basic toppings are present but the more unusual toppings include: mayonnaise, hot sauce, cucumber, and even crushed potato chips. The pair of dogs that I had slid down very easy. B

Atmosphere- The restaurant was simple enough, but it had its unique traits. I have been several places that had “walls of fame” of sorts, but this place advertised a hot dog eating challenge. If you consumed 21 hot dogs in 20 minutes, you ate for free. I did not participate in this challenge, but maybe one day. Located in a strip mall, it lacked that unique panache other places have, but better simple than overly tacky. C

Value- For $1.75 you start with a hot dog and bun. Then add as many of the twenty included toppings as you want. Chili, cheese, kraut, and jalapenos are included so no need to buy the extra priced things. In fact, I can’t honestly remember what the extra non-included toppings were. So for a dog and 20 toppings on it how can it not be worthy of an A.

Side Dish Jody says… There were the usual non hot dog options such as nachos, or walking tacos. But, I chose to try the chicken fingers and fries combo. The chicken fingers were freshly fried to order and tasted homemade. If I were to go back I would try a shake that they advertise. B+

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