Monday, October 19, 2009

Ben's Chili Dogs

Washington, D.C.

Located directly off the Cardozo exit on the Metro-Rail, this was a quick and easy stop for a mighty delicious dog. The specialty at Ben’s is their chili dogs which burst with flavor. The generous portion of chili that was slopped on top had a pleasant zip and zing to it. Under the home-made chili sauce, was your typical diner style cooked-on-the-grill dog. No need to pollute this dog with ketchup or mustard just let the ambiance and natural chili dog flavor slide straight down. B+

Atmosphere- Old school diner style, where the abundance of Ben’s staff was all smiles while maintaining a blend of customers. Hoity-toity D.C types rubbed elbows (literally in the friendly confines) with street campers looking for a quick meal. The wall is covered with celebrity patrons, but on the back wall is an 18x24 of Bill Cosby in what looked like one of his many visits according the different pictures. If it’s a regular stop for The Cos, it’s good enough for me both this time and next. A-

Value- Though a little on the high end at $3.60 a piece for their chili dog, it was worth the money. Included with my dogs (I had two) was a handful of potato chips. Though not an overall bargain, I would gladly slide my cash across the counter again. C+

Side dish Jody says… Many options for the non-dog eater. An extra thick chocolate milk shake, which was extra delicious washed down the pile of sloppy cheese fries which was more than I could eat for lunch. The thick cut fries with cheese sauce came with the same chili as what was on the dogs. B+

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Eating The Road said...

You lucky "dog" you. I want to sample their grub so bad.

Man...for just starting up you've certainly been to a lot of places.

...and yeah, feel free to post a link to my site!