Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog

Lancaster, PA

When thinking of South Central Pennsylvania what jumps to mind? The drive through the Alleghany Mountains perhaps, or the historic battlefield of Gettysburg? How about Amish country where life seems to be a little more simple? Well in the same town of Lancaster, but on the opposite end of where there is a large Amish population is Hot Diggity Dog. Just about 20 months old as of Thanksgiving 2010, the owner had always wanted to open a hot dog place, and after 20 years of selling bottled water from a glacier, he decided to open his own place. Starting with one of the best dogs on the market, he is the only hot dog place between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to serve Vienna Beef hot dogs. I told him that it was the snap of the Vienna casing that makes a good hot dog. He simply smiled and said he used the non encased version of a Vienna, but it was the way he grilled it that made it have more of a snap to it. Each of the dogs comes served on a steamed poppy seed roll unless you ask for a plain bun. They served a Chicago dog, which I almost always get, but there was a dog that just jumped out as different. In fact this dog is so different that you furrow your brow and squint your eyes while curling your lip just to figure out if you can palate each of the opposing tastes. Just two toppings go on this unique dog, and it has a name that about sums it up. May I present to you, the Moon Dog. The Moon Dog has melted swiss cheese, and strawberry preserves. I bit into it and smiled, it truly was good. As I asked how he came up with this dog, the owner smiled and said, he stole it from a guy in California. Just as advertised you “HAVE TO TRY” it. B

Atmosphere - Located on a pie shaped piece of property at the junction of two roads, The bright sign will bring you in and the eating challenges they have will keep you coming back. The first gulttony contest they ran, became to easy as it was just eating six dogs. But in the new contest, The Super Diggity, there has yet to be someone who can conquer the four footlong challenge where dog each weighs in at nearly half a pound, and is adorned with every topping under the sun. Having Chicago roots, this place mirrors a smaller place that you would find in the Windy City. In fact on one of the walls there is a map of Chicago-land and the hundreds of pushpins impressed on the map reflect the transplant patrons of the area. If the place was packed wall to wall it could fit 50 customers, and if the word continues to get out on this new place, the lines might be out the door. B+

Value – Offering patrons Footlong dogs starting under $4.00 and ten different hot dog options under $3.00, they also offer 3” hot dogs they call 'pups' for under a buck. Considering that the local gas station chain offers a daily hot dog special, these dogs are a bit more expensive than other dogs in the town. But anyone who is on this site knows that NO kind of quality comes from a gas station hot dog. Simply find Hot Diggity Dog and pay for quality instead of quantity. Heck, if you want quantity you can order packs of dogs as well. B

Side Dish Jody says.. I didn't eat anything at this hot dog joint as I was already full to the brim from Thanksgiving goodness. Upon review of the menu it appeared they had pretty limited non-hot dog options, including hamburger, fries or chili cheese fries. They did have one unusual option, however, called Funnel Cake Sticks. Probably just some kind of tasty fried dough - not healthy, but tastey sounding! C

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot Dog of the Week: Jim's Original

When looking for a hot dog to eat usually you want it quick, and you want it now.

"Now" can be a vague term. You have to drive or walk to get it, but when the urge comes on you want to chow down. Even if that urge is at 3:00 a.m.

3:00 a.m? Yes at Jim's Orginal you can have a hot dog 24 hours a day.

In Chi-town, which is known for its Chicago dogs, Jim's Original has been in business for over 70 years, and offers free fries with each dog or sandwich.

Order up your Viena Beef hot dog, which in itself is a Chicago native and chow down at Jim's. Even if it is at 3:00 a.m.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hot Dog of the Week: Hot Dog Diner

What is the least you have ever paid for a hot dog from a vendor or restaurant? Over time as we have made this blog, we are quite thrilled when we can find a hot dog option for under $2.

The Hot Dog Diner in Parma, OH might have the lowest prices I have seen in ten years. $1.25 will buy you the Classic Hot Dog. Want a hot dog in natural casing? You are still going to pay well under two bucks.

These prices cannot be beat anywhere!

So if traveling to the greater Cleveland area and you have less than five bucks in your pocket, swing on through the Hot Dog Diner and get stuffed...plus have enough left over money for the tollsways.

Monday, November 8, 2010

UK Prime Minister Enjoys American Hot Dog

Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron, was treated to an American icon upon his arrival in New York.

The Prime Minister ate a hot dog from a street vendor in the Big Apple as his first taste of what America is like.

Click HERE to read to full article courtesy of England's Telegraph

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hot Dog of the Week: The Wienery

When Side Dish Jody and I look for hot dog joints around the country when we travel, we like options. Or should I say Jody likes options, I like the hot dogs.

Well the next time we are in Minneapolis The Wienery might be the place to go.

Serving Vienna hot dogs for each of the dog options, they also serve cheese steak, sausage, sandwiches and breakfast all day.

The Wienery was also featured on the Food Network hit show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.